WMS (warehouse management system) is the brain of a modern warehouse company. WMS coordinates and synchronizes incoming and outgoing flows of goods, internal routine operations, staff processes, loading and unloading of equipment, and much more.

WMS helps to organize and manage efficient warehouse operations in real time.

Regardless of your business domain, the volume of storage space, the type of goods stored and the level of staff training, automation of warehouse process management will definitely increase the efficiency of your warehouse.
Most modern warehouse businesses face the same two questions:
  • How can I automation my warehouse management?
  • How can I reduce the human factor influence?
In order to answer the above mentioned questions STEM SC developed its own WMS that includes the following features:
  • Terminal storekeepers system
  • Notification system
  • Warehouse personnel management system
  • Product cataloging
Implementation of a WMS by STEM SC will let you:
  • Increase warehouse operation speed
  • Minimize human factor
  • Reduce labor costs
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