Web services
Other than implementing a ready E-commerce platform, we also develop custom applications for B2B.
The applications developed by us have extensive functionality with the ability to integrate third-party systems. There is no need in hiring web developers to create an effective and complex solution for your business - we already have the necessary experience and available resources.
We pick up the most suitable tools and platforms to create a winning web solution for you. All the technology and innovation wise questions are covered by us.
API Development
We develop APIs that interact with various subsystems (ERP, WMS, TMS, website), as well as with third-party services (vendor APIs).
For example, API allows you to embed YouTube videos, Google Maps and other existing API service resources in your website or in your information system.
Do you need an API developer to create a new application or do you need to connect Google.API? Our programmers will help you build the functionality you need to optimize business processes, using all the features available through the API.
TecDoc Integration
TecDoc - an electronic catalog of automotive spare parts. The integration of TecDoc into an online auto parts store optimizes the aftermarket parts system. The TecDoc catalog contains product information for more than 500 manufacturers of spare parts for trucks and cars.
In other words, with the integration of TecDoc, your online store will become a convenient system for searching for the necessary parts by brand, model, type of car, as well as by article number of the original and non-original manufacturers. We will help you set up a TecDoc catalog for your online auto parts store or create a new, unique resource integrated with TecDoc.
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