RCollect is the most advanced facility management sensing solution for human workforce optimisation in commercial warehouse logistics and manufacturing lines.
Computer vision, laser pointer and advanced mathematical algorithms are the core technology of the product.
How it works in warehouse logistics.
Camera catches objects by their unique markers (codes) and uses a laser to point where the object should be placed. The recommended new place for the object is analysed and calculated by an advanced mathematical algorithm.
The product collects the data about the replaced object: saves its new location, number of replaced objects and their status in the system.
As a result, RCollect optimises human workforce while doing monotonous tasks.
Key benefits of implementing RCollect into warehouse logistics:
  • Reduce time needed to perform your main business processes up to 50%.
  • Reduce warehouse operation mistakes to zero.
  • Onboard your new personnel faster - up to 10-16 hours.
  • Speed up recruitment as the algorithms will take care about most of the operational processes. You'll be able to hire people with no experience in your business domain.
How it works with small-scale manufacturing lines and manual assembly.
Camera tracks everything an assembly worker does. An advanced machine learning algorithm suggests the worker what component he should take and where it is located in the gearbox.
As a result, the worker doesn't need to waste time and resources on trying to find the next component.
Key benefits of implementing RCollect into small-scale manufacturing lines and manual assembly:
  • Save up to 50% of time on a standard operation
  • Reduce the mistakes made because of human factor (up to zero)
  • Increase productivity of the line or manual assembly speed
  • No need to change existing processes in order to implement RCollect
  • RCollect product can be used and combined with various processes in monotonous work
  • No down time. Both hardware and software of RCollect product are absolutely reliable and never malfunction
  • Your business in now digitized. With RCollect you can measure and improve your manufacturing line processes and train your personnel more effectively
RCollect can be utilised in various verticals, including, but not limited to commercial warehouse logistics, manufacturing lines, and hospitality industry.
How to start improving your businesses' main KPI-s with RCollect.
  • We assesses your company's business processes.
  • We define and suggest you the processes, where RCollect can be implemented so that it could improve the processes.
  • We implement RCollect into your business. The whole implementation process takes no longer than 1 month.
  • You'll start getting value from the day one of the implementation.
  • Support: we'll take care of all the software updates and system improvements according to the market trends. STEM SC team will be your trustful and long-term partner in everything with regards to your new digitized business.
  • Be ready to get ahead of the competition.
Acceptance time is reduced by 40%
The selection time of 60%
Time of shipment and verification of 20%
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