Solutions and service
for logistics and E-Commerce
Solutions that enabling to handle a large number of shipment orders, optimize delivery routes.
Why Stem SC?
Our clients entrust their problems of business growth to our professionals...
...and we find an individual solution for them in the shortest possible time.

10 years of work
Our experience speaks for us. For 10 years, we have worked with small and midsize business and with famous brands.
Individual approach
Each company with which we work has its own concept and voice.
We develop unique products.
Continuous growth
Our experienced professionals will help grow your business by introducing new work technologies.
About Us

Stem SC is a Ukrainian IT-company with headquarters in the city Kharkov. Our company engaged in web development since 2009. Our goal is long-term cooperation with our partners, that's why our company constantly developing and following for a new technologies and directions.

We have succeeded in creating logistic software and b2b web-portals with high load and complex business workflows.
Stem SC is particularly strong in the fields of warehouse management software (WMS) and transport management software (TMS).

Our company collaborates with startups and medium business for all world to provide best-in-class services.

We offer several of our products to develop and improve your company. If you have not found the solution you need, we are always ready to meet and discuss how we can help you.
B2B-portal will allow you to optimize the order management process at all stages of its passage, manage relationships with contractors, control receivables and financial activities of the enterprise.
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8Move is a Transport Management System (TMS) in a joint network of shippers, carriers and customers. Integrated planning of goods transportation, optimization of load distribution between all transport units and financial coordination ensure full visibility and control of the entire transport network.
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Cargo2B is a dropshipping system that simplify control and automate the process of direct deliveries of goods.
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RCollect is a hardware-software complex created using Сomputer Vision & IoT which allows you to increase labor productivity in the warehouse and in production.
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How it works
Evaluate the project
• conduct interviews with the customer;
• set goals and determine the strategy of the planned project;
• define the scope of MVP;
• choose software and hardware for the project.
Create MVP
• Back End, Front End;
• product release;
• implementation;
• promotion strategy;
• determine the criteria for evaluating work.

Analyze the project
• what we got as a result;
• what was done wrong;
• what feedback is received from users who used the project ;
• how to increase efficiency;
• back to the first stage.
What do you get?
Business concept

Our goal is to help your business grow, we will analyze the past stages and find the best concept.

We will develop a solution for you to quickly launch and personalize according to your needs.

We will support you with our IT support, our professionals will advise you on any issue.
If you want to know more - contact us
Shitov Maxim
Phone: +380 (50) 400-58-17
US Office: 2204 Oak Haven Ave Simi Valley, CA 93063, USA
US Phone: 1-805-277-9685
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