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Naren Bansal
I am Chief Operating Officer of Xelsat Int'l Inc. One of our new initiatives, in Internet of Things area, is in the field of Water Quality Monitoring of Reverse Osmosis filtration systems in real time. This complex program is intended to be used in homes worldwide, thus needs to be easy to use, and scale to millions of users.

I was introduced to Mr. Shitov and STEM about 2 years ago by a trusted partner. Maksim and his team are developing the front and backend for this project. Their approach to work is to deeply understand the subject area and scope of project by working with our team. They are well versed in latest Agile tools to keep on track of deadlines. Maksim's attention to detail and his depth of knowledge is remarkable. He is a problem solver and has solved many challenging issues that came our way. At the same time he has an excellent coach to his team.

I heartily recommend Maksim Shitov for the SABIT Program. I sincerely believe with exposure to American Business practices and Management will help his company and him to grow.

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