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E-Commerce and logistics
Improve your eCommerce store KPI-s, on-time delivery of goods, reduce logistics costs, and optimise your warehouse processes

About us
STEM SC has been delivering hardware, software products and services since 2009. Our goal is long-term collaboration with our partners, that's why our company constantly developing and following for a new technologies and directions.

STEM SC is particularly strong in creating from scratch and improving existing eCommerce platforms (marketplaces and retailer websites) with high load and complex business workflows, warehouse management software (WMS) and transport management software (TMS).

Most of our customers are small and medium sized businesses from EMEA and USA.
Hundreds of our customers have grown up to 5 times having implemented our products and services. STEM SC is the perfect choice, when it comes to eCommerce business optimisation, operational cost reduction and improvement of main key performance indicators.
10 years of work
Our products automate and improve business operations. Our customers include leaders in the fields of logistics, warehousing, and nearly every aspect of the supply chain.
Individual approach
Each company we work with has its own unique features, needs and wishes.Our products can be adjusted and seamlessly integrated into any business processes.
Continuous growth
Having partnered with STEM SC, you can be sure that you're using the most modern technologies keeping your business ahead of the competition.
Our products are designed for companies of every development stage: from early stage startups to enterprise level businesses. We know for sure, there is no universal magic pill that can solve all problems. A certain development stage of a business requires a unique approach.
Even though all of our products are different, they're all focused on improving the main businesses' KPI-s including, but not limited to:

  • Operational procedures cost optimization
  • We know how to implement your project in the most efficient way possible
  • Warehouse and retailers website business process automation
  • Reduce time needed to perform main business processes up to 50%.
  • Lower warehouse operation mistakes to zero.
How it works
Stage 1
Project evaluation

• conduct interviews with a customer;
• set goals, determine project strategy;
• define the scope of MVP;
• choose software and hardware for the implementation of the project.

Stage 2
Create an MVP

• back-end, front-end development;
• product release and implementation;
• design delivery strategy;
• determine the criteria for evaluating promotion work, selection of contractors.

Stage 3
Project analysis and retrospective
• compare the end results with initial plans;
• get the feedback from the first users;
• advise on project efficiency increase;
• support on further ideas development
What do you get?
Clear understanding of the business concept

Our main motivation is to help your firm grow. We will analyse where you are, compare it with where you want to be and offer you a solution that will boost your business.

Solution development

Once the concepts are ready and discussed with you, we will start implementing the products that will have a positive impact on your business from the first releases.


We build long-term partnership relationships with our customers. Thus we'll be helping you with all of your ideas and updates going forward.
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