Routing, Tracking, Delivery and Remote Control Management System
8Move is a cloud-based SaaS product for eCommerce, freight forwarding, logistics and delivery companies.
No matter what you sell: apparel, food, electronics or auto parts - 8Move is all-in-one logistics solution for SMB-s.
8Move is designed for logistics automation, shipment management, alerts/notifications, accounting, location tracking, freight matching and much more.
Before implementation of 8Move, most of our customers had the following pains:

  • There was no way to monitor drivers and thus it was impossible to ensure effectiveness of the whole delivery process
  • There was no time windows for monitoring delivery agenda of drivers
  • Same Day Delivery happened occasionally
  • The delivery was too expensive
  • Human factor caused unpredictable expenses
  • Self-made logistics solutions often proved unreliable and unstable
8Move has two major systems inside:
  • The most efficient itineraries suggestion system
  • Driver monitoring system
8Move uses REST-API technology.
Bilateral integration with your ERP system will allow you to send a list of points for delivery to 8Move. Then the system process the list of addresses and suggests you the most optimal route, fright handling itinerary and schedule. Thus you can be sure that you have the most optimized delivery plan given your current conditions and parameters.
8Move can be integrated with all modern CMS, including E-Trade and Dropshipping.
How it works
Calculate the route

8Move has a sophisticated algorithm that suggests itineraries taking into consideration the following parameters:
  • Customer availability (time slots)
  • Weight and size of orders
  • Type, brand and model of a vehicle
  • Traffic conditions
Select and load the vehicles for the route
The system will plan and allocate goods' loading into vehicles.
Start the route

Courier receives a task, customers receive
notifications and an opportunity to track:

  • Estimated time of delivery
  • Real-time vehicle location tracking
  • Delivery status monitoring
  • Real-time notifications for customers and couriers
    Delivery and acceptance of payment
    • Issuing errors are excluded
    • Barcode assignment
    • SMS notification
    • No more paperwork - everything is done in the application
    • Payments are integrated with your ERP system
    Advantages of 8Move
    Cost reduction
    Route optimization will lead to reduction of transport cost by 28% (fuel, labor costs, vehicle maintenance, etc.).
    On-line drivers
    Track and manage drivers online, receive notifications about tasks' performance.
    Manage payments
    8Move accepts credit card and cash payments. All the transactions will be automatically updated in your ERP system.
    Delivery mistakes
    Human-factor caused incidents and mistakes are reduced to zero.
    Your customers will love it
    Customer part of the application is well-designed, intuitive, informative and easy-to-use.
    Buyer notifications
    Your buyers will be informed about the delivery status at all its stages.
    Python, My SQL, JS, HTML5, Android
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