8MOVE transport management system (TMS)

TMS is a logistics management system in a joint network of shippers, carriers and customers. Integrated planning for the transportation of goods, optimization of load distribution between all transport units and financial coordination provide full visibility and control of the entire transport network. We implement TMS systems that will allow you to reduce transportation costs, improve vehicle efficiency and improve customer service.

E-Trade Management System

E-Trad Management System is an effective tool for business management. This system will allow you to optimize the order management process at all stages of its passage, manage relationships with contractors, control receivables and financial activities of the company. We will select the best industry solution for your project so that the trading enterprise management system fully meets the specifics of your business.

DropShipping - system for directly shipping

Our Dropshipping System will simplify control and automate the process of direct delivery of goods (including from China). This system will suit you if your company is an intermediate link between the buyer and the factory (manufacturer, dealer or wholesaler). Advantages - control of parcels at all stages (bar coding), automatic formation of a packing list, minimization of errors (human factor).

WMS warehouse management system

Warehouse Management System (WMS) is software designed to automate warehouse management. The WMS system simplifies the processing of all major and many secondary warehouse tasks for receiving, checking, internal refill of positions, picking, assembling, packing and collecting orders. We are implementing fully functional and quickly paid back WMS systems, which can significantly increase the speed of the warehouse, reduce the number of errors and human resources.

Web portals

A web portal is a resource that contains a significant amount of various information with which users can interact in various ways. Web portal services can include news, forums, photo galleries, product catalogs, sales offers, advertisements, advanced search queries, chat applications, social networks, etc. To automate business processes, we can integrate web portal solutions with existing sources of databases and applications of your company.


We develop web services, focusing on creating custom applications in the B2B markets. Applications developed by us have extensive functionality with the ability to integrate third-party systems. If you want to hire web developers to create an effective and complex business solution, then we have the necessary experience and resources. To develop web services, we select the most appropriate tools and platforms to create a winning web solution for you.

API development

We develop API-interfaces that interact with various subsystems (ERP, WMS, TMS, web-site), as well as with third-party services (API providers). For example, using the API-interface allows you to embed YouTube-video, Google map and other existing resources of the API service on your website or in your information system. Need an API developer to create a new application, or do you need to connect Google.API? Our programmers will help you build the necessary functionality to optimize business processes, using all the capabilities of this technology.


“Autodealer” is a system that is fully adapted for the effective running of the automotive business. With this system you can automate the accounting and analysis of the work of such enterprises as a car dealership, car wash, auto parts store, car repair shops, etc. Order a project from us and we will select for you exactly the solution that will fully cover the needs of your company, whether it is automation of the inventory of spare parts in a warehouse, accounting for the cost of work, planning working hours and calculating the cost of repairing vehicles.

TecDoc integration

TecDoc - electronic catalog of automotive spare parts. Integration of TecDoc into an online auto parts store optimizes the search system for parts for the secondary market. The TecDoc catalog contains product information from over 500 manufacturers of spare parts for trucks and passenger cars. In other words, with the integration of TecDoc, your online store will become a convenient system for finding the necessary parts by models, brands, types of cars, as well as by the numbers of original and non-original manufacturers. We will professionally help you customize the TecDoc-catalog for your online auto parts store or create a new, unique resource integrated with TecDoc.

Full cycle of logistic tasks

Dropshipping. Cargo from China.

We help our clients to formulate the project objectives and goals

Evaluate the project

Evaluate the project

• interview with the customer;
• set goals and determine the strategy of the planned project;
• define the scope of the MVP;
• select software and hardware for project implementation.

Create MVP

Create MVP

• Back End, Front End;
• product release;
•promotion strategy;
• determine, how to evaluate the work on the promotion;
•contractors selection.

Analyzing the project

Analyzing the project

• what have we got;
• what was done wrong;
• what feedback is received from users;
• how to increase efficiency;
• back to the first stage.

8move delivery management system.

Our skills

If you want to hire front-end web developers to create an effective and complex business solution, then we have the necessary experience and resources. We select the most appropriate tools and platforms to ensure the scalability of the product and improve its performance

Scrum methodology

We use Scrum as a project management methodology that is customer oriented and enables the customer to make changes to the project at any time.

Back End development

In order for the server and databases to work as a unit, we use server programming languages such as: PHP (YII2), Python (Django, Django REST), MySQL tools, MS SQL Server.

Front End Development

We use the programming languages HTML5, CCS3 and Java Script, React and also know how to work with the frameworks Bootstrap and Yii2, which are responsible for the appearance of the site.

Minimum viable product

Feedback from our customers

We not only create software, we create trust and partnership with our customers. Read what our customers say about us.

20,000 hours of web development.

 Our story

Our story

Stemsc has 9 years of experience in software development. We have succeeded in creating attractive web sites and web applications with high load and complex workflows. We deeply understand the e-commerce and business of our customers, helping companies create a successful platform for their products. We will select the best technological approach for your project. We like technical problems, and we are here to help you create your winning web solution.

Our Team

Website and online shopping development is our passion. Our practical skills and knowledge of methodologies such as Scrum, test development and behavior, continuous integration and test automation allow us to create high-quality information products in a timely manner.
Client approach

Client approach

It is beneficial for us to have successful customers. That is why in each of our projects we carefully study business goals and research the target audience in order to get the optimal individual solution. Our primary goal: the customer must get the maximum profit in the shortest possible time, and the individual approach and the quality of the finished product are the main credo of our work.

Integrated solutions

Integrated solutions

The ability to provide integrated solutions gives our customers significant advantages for their business. We do not just develop projects, we consult with our customers and together, we select the appropriate functionality and platforms that will instantly begin to improve business processes. Our customers are involved in all stages of development, they know the areas of responsibility of each project participant and monitor the development in real time.

Our beliefs

Our beliefs

There are no unsolvable problems, there are indecisive people! Development of websites and online stores is our element. We always strive to be the best development team for our customers. In our work we use bold innovative ideas and use modern technologies, because only in this way we will be able to respond to the growing demands of customers.


We have all the necessary tools and knowledge to turn your business ideas into a complete product that will appeal to users.


JavaScript is commonly used as an embedded language for programmatically accessing application objects. It is most widely used in browsers as a scripting language to give interactivity to web pages.



Python is used by almost every large organization engaged in software development, both for solving short-term tactical tasks and developing long-term strategic projects. Even the developers of Yandex and Google prefer Python.



Developing and maintaining sites written using Django is much easier and faster than on other platforms. Ordering a site on Django, the client significantly saves the budget for further development and modification of the site.

Rest API

Rest API

Representing system resources through the Rest API is a flexible way of providing various applications with data in a standard format. Simply put, the Rest API is a service that simplifies the interaction of a client application with a server.



The framework speeds up the process of developing page layouts, as Bootstrap contains a huge set of ready-made solutions and elements. All elements of the framework are adaptive for all devices and are correctly displayed in all modern browsers.



Yii2 is gaining more and more popularity when it comes to the process of creating web applications, because it significantly reduces development time itself. As a result, programmers spend much less time on repetitive tasks, and use the productive part of time to set up a website.