Creation of an online store of satellite communication equipment www.xelsat.com

Project Description


Introduction of the scientific system

Nomenclature Management

  1. Pricing
  2. CRM
  3. WMS (Warehouse Management)


  • Fully integrated with the accounting system
  • Unique search and selection of goods, using different catalogs:
  1. Own spare goods catalog for warehouse
  2. TekDok (about 60 million records)
  3. Price lists of suppliers (from 10 million records)
  4. Original catalogs

Optimization of work with orders:

  1. Registration of the order taking into account the level of prices and methods of delivery;
  2. Automatic distribution of orders between several warehouses;
  3. Automatic tasks for selection of storekeepers without the participation of a manager.

  Unsatisfied demand:

  1. The site collects information about unsatisfied demand;
  2. The site provides the necessary tools for analysis to the manager;
  3. The system of the notification of buyers about receipt the goods on a warehouse is developed.

  Other services:

  1. Goodle API
  2. 3D photo

  Front end technologies

Html, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap

  Back end technologies

MySQL, Python (DJango), 1C: Enterprise, MS SQL