water TDS

An IoT solution for the aqua filters retailer.


Project Description


 Introduction of the scientific system that can qualify the quality of water before and after the filter station and analyze water filters condition.

Implementation of the IoT technology

  1. Notifications to a manager about the water filters condition.
  2. A manager knows the filter can break down and makes a replacement in time.
  3. Defining the quality of water and impurity content in water.
  4. Collecting data about the water filter station.
  5. Making statistics and reports.

Nomenclature Management

  1. Pricing
  2. Integration of suppliers warehouses – shipping is done online without the participation of company managers.


  1. Fully integrated with the accounting system

Optimization of work with orders:

  1. Registration of the order taking into account the level of value and methods of delivery;
  2. Automatic distribution of orders between several warehouses, including partner ones;
  3. Automatic tasks for selection of storekeepers without the participation of a manager.

Unsatisfied demand:

  1. The site collects information about unsatisfied demand;
  2. The site provides the necessary tools for analysis to the manager;

Other services:

  1. Goodle API

Технологии Front end

Html, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap

Технологии Back end

mySQL, Python (DJango), MS SQL