Dropshipping. Cargo from China.

Today most of all goods sold around the world are produced in China.

This country is rightfully referred to as the “world’s factory”.

The big modern factories, plants and “artisanal” individual proceedings produce millon tons of goods for export.

The World Bank estimates that container traffic of China is worth more than 200 milllion TEU per year and 62% of it  is consolidated cargos.

The highest level of exports → The largest volume of goods traffic→ The highest number of Cargo companies → It’s hard to choose a reliable transport operator with better pricing.

Delivery from China

Business with China is the brightest example of mutual dependence between Client and Supplier. The key role in traffic from China is played by Cargo-Companies.

The success and revenues of Cargo-company from China are at the mercy of the regular customers

Regular customers bring most of the profits
(20/80), they ensure futrher development of the Company.

That is the reason to put in much attention to logistic processes and communicational instruments.
Organized logistic processes guarantee:

for Transporter:

  • steady income,
  • possibility for planning further development,
  • cost reduction also by excluding extraordinary losses;

for the Client:

  • secured terms of delivery,
  • cargo safety,
  • low rates for delivery .
  • constant communication and client awareness (messengers, e-mail, sms):
  • enhance customers loyalty,
  • reduce costs on attending personnel,
  • increase speed of operational decision making

How to choose Cargo-Company

A large amount of Cargo companies operates in both China and importing countries. This market is large though yet not sufficiently clear for importer.  The services provided by Cargo companies are the same but methods, characteristics and reliability differ.

The characteristics of carriers that you need to pay attention to when entering into a partnership agreement are listed below:

Office in China
Cargo above all is Chinese business. If company does not have an office in China, it could be an intermediary so rates would be higher and quality lower.
  • Visit office in China, meet director and manager assigned to your shipments, and establish contacts.
  • Ask questions about means of communication
  • Specify a person who would substitute your manager during his/her absence.
Warehouse in China
Warehouse is essential link in chain of traffic. Liable company would have at least one or more warehouses in China
  • Be sure to visit warehouse where your shipments would be consolidated..
  • Pay attention to the warehouse’s processes: receiving, checking, storing and sending.
Quantity of shipments Cargo Company uploads and sends containers. The quantity of shipments per month is an important characteristic of transporter If there 1 – 3 shipments per month cargo may be stuck due to insufficient number for container upload.
Cargo safety
What are the ways and methods providing cargo safety? Shipment may be lost:

  • at the warehouse in China
  • during transportation.
  • incorrect acceptance
  • missending

Pay attention:

  • ways to ensure shipment safety
  • ability to compensate customer’s losses in case of loss of the goods
  • warehouse should provide shipment identification (labeling)
Warehouse in importer country
Consolidated goods should be accepted, checked and sorted somewhere upon arrival Availability of warehouse is significant if you can’t upload whole container (you have LTL – less than truck)

  • Learn about warehouse location
  • Visit warehouse
  • Estimate level of logistic processes organization
Internal delivery
Cargo delivery inside importer country After customs procedures shipment should be delivered immediately. The sooner shipped the faster sold.

  • Pay attention to the methods of cargo shipment
  • Means of transportation for internal delivery
  • Routes of the delivery


Stem SC has developed software product that covers up all the activities of the Cargo Company beginning with negotiations and ending with cargo release.

Main funcional features:

  1. Clients and registration
    • client’s legal persons and indiiduals
    • each one gets own service ID
    • an arrangement with client about product labeling
  2. Suppliers
    • in the system if Client provides with information
    • only suppliers’ IDs are registered
  3. Orders and consignment notes
    • could be registered preorders or
    • consignment note (Mill actually started production and delivery terms are determined )
  4. Acceptance at warehouse
    • admission from the courier
    • labeling and verification
    • measurement (volume, weight)
    • product verification
  5. Storage operations:
    • repacking
    • assembling/ dismantling
  6. Loading and shipping
  7. Receipt, issuance or internal delivery

Stem.Dropshipping will take Cargo-Company to a new modern stage of development.