Creation of online store of auto parts


Project Description

Introduction of the scientific system

Nomenclature Management

  1. Pricing
  2. CRM
  3. WMS (Warehouse Management)
  4. TMS (transport management)
  5. Integration of partner warehouses – shipping is done online without the participation of company managers


  • Fully integrated with the accounting system
  • Unique search and selection of goods, using different catalogs:
  1. Own spare parts catalog for warehouse
  2. TekDok (about 60 million records)
  3. Price lists of suppliers (from 10 million records)
  4. Original catalogs

    Optimization of work with orders:

  1. Registration of the order taking into account the level of value and methods of delivery;
  2. Control of accounts receivable;
  3. Automatic distribution of orders between several warehouses, including partner ones;
  4. Automatic tasks for selection of storekeepers without the participation of a manager.

  Unsatisfied demand:

  1. The site collects information about unsatisfied demand;
  2. The site provides the necessary tools for analysis to the manager;
  3. The system of the notification of buyers about receipt the goods on a warehouse is developed.

  Other services:

  1. Goodle API
  2. 3D photo

  Front end technologies

Html, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap

  Back end technologies

MySQL, Python (DJango), 1C: Enterprise, MS SQL